Product Review

Absolutely fantastic!!!  Great product and expedited service. Wish everyone was as easy to deal with. Thanks !!!

James G

I just had you guys install your new anodized aluminum trigger and springs in my CZ Scorpion EVO. To say its an improvement would be a huge under statement. Your trigger is perfect, crisp, light, smooth. I couldn't be more pleased with the results, you guys crushed it! Thanks for a great product. 

Jim W.

They did a fantastic job removing the welded trigger housing from my Scorpion. They also installed their trigger with aftermarket springs for me as well.

I took my Scorpion out for a spin today and absolutely loved the work they did.

Shooters Element is fast, affordable and will recommend them to any Scorpion Evo owner looking to do some upgrades and get that pesky world legal welded screw out.

David H.

I had them install their trigger with aftermarket springs on my Scorpion. Took it to the range today and with the first pull knew that it was money well spent! Their customer service is top notch as well!

Andrew P.

Ordered a trigger, springs, and charging handle for my CZ Scorpion. Great products and must haves for scorpion owners. It a whole different gun now!!

Joe C.