About Us

Shooters Element was founded by shooters for shooters. We enjoy the shooting sports in all forms. We have our own unique twist on popular items such as targets and accessories and an eye for quality products. We test everything we make or sell before offering it to you our customer. If we don't like it or think it's worth your time, we won't sell it. Over time what we offer on this website may change, but our goal remains the same. We currently are offering accessories for the CZ Scorpion Evo III and in the past we've offered a larger variety of AR500 targets like gongs and IPSC torso’s. However, it is our focus to bring more scorpion parts to the market and will offer a limited supply of targets moving forward.

We're working hard to bring you the best quality accessories, targets and gear at the best prices. We are a small team here, but we do our absolute best to support our customers and appreciate the business. Check out Shooters Elements own line of Targets to help you stay at peak performance; you'll find traditional and familiar targets among new and unique designs!