Muzzle Brake 9MM - 1/2x28 thread

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The Shooters Element Muzzle brake is specifically designed for 9MM Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) and pistols. Run this brake on anything from the CZ Scorpion Evo III to the Sig MPX and the KRISS Vector 9 MM or on any AR9 platform and even the IWI Tavor x95 9mm and you'll feel the difference in felt recoil in addition to looking cool.

The brake is CNC Machined from 4140 Steel, heat treated and and then coated in a Black Nitride for durability and easy maintenance. It's threaded with a standard 1/2x28 pitch for most applications in this caliber. The top and side ports are designed to allow gas from the cartridge to escape to assist with muzzle stability. Because it is made in the USA, this counts towards your 922R compliance if you're firearm is an SBR.

The package comes with a single crush washer and the brake, additionally we've designed flats on the brake to aid with installation and alignment. Because this washer is used to clock the brake no shims are required. Using the cupped washer, the installer is able to rotate the brake up to 1.5 times after initial hand tightening.  

We suggest an experienced gunsmith install the brake and time it just right, however user installation is possible. Please remember to follow all gun safety rules when working on firearms as safety is our #1 concern.

Overall Dimensions are:

-Length 1.6 inches

-Diameter .5 inch