Trigger Polish Job

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Trigger Polish Job

If you want to eliminate the gritty feel on the CZ Scorpion trigger while also reducing the pull weight then look no further than the SE Trigger Polish Job. With the Shooters Element proprietary polish and tune up job we polish key surfaces and parts of the Scorpion's trigger pack and are able to make that trigger feel smooth and crisp, just like it should. 


This services does not include install and should only be purchased if you already have a trigger or springs installed on your lower.

Polishing Service:

If you want to get the most out of your trigger then send us your trigger internals and we'll deburr and polish the parts and give you that smooth trigger we all like to shoot. With this service we're able to get the pull weight down to about 4.5 lbs or less with the addition of the trigger spring kit. 

The following parts are polished to a mirror like surface and then tested and tuned to achieve that 4.5 lbs or less pull weight.

  • Part 57 (Hammer)
  • Part 56 (Hammer pin)
  • Part 61 (Sear)
  • Part 64 (Disconnector)
  • Part 60 (Block Lever)

Simply add the polish service on to your order and we'll do the rest. All you need to do is send in your scorpion's lower housing (please do not try and send us your firearm, we are not an FFL and will not/cannot receive in the serialized portion) and then sit back and wait. 

Please contact us with your order number and we'll give you instructions on what you need to do in order to send the trigger pack/lower to us.

For those wondering how long it will take, we're usually done with it in a couple days or less.

Shipping instructions:

Please use the contact us link with your order number and we will send you instructions on where to ship the lower. You will need to put the order number on the outside of the package and a copy of the order confirmation inside the package with your scorpion lower. We do many of these lowers every week and do not want to mix your parts up with anyone else's.

***DO NOT PUT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ON THE PACKAGE, all items are delivered to a secured and locked box.***