CZ Scorpion Flat Trigger - Black

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Product Description

The CZ Scorpion EVO III is a great pistol caliber carbine/pistol. However there's a few improvements most shooters see the need for after shooting it for the first time. Mainly the trigger, at 10lbs of pull weight or higher it's a bit to overcome for even the most experienced shooters. Because of this Shooters Element has developed a solution for the problem with our enhanced flat trigger. 

With the improved ergonomics and add leverage of the trigger we are seeing anywhere from a 7 to 10 % reduction in pull weight with just the trigger, we're also noticing an improvement in the second most common issue on the gun, the strong side safety digging into a shooters hand. Because of the design, shooters will find it more natural to place the pad of their finger (between the first knuckle and tip) on the trigger for a more steady pull and constant pull allowing your trigger finger to curve out and away from the safety rather than ride along it.

The flat trigger for the CZ Scorpion Evo III is CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum. To seal, treat and harden the metal we've used a type II black anodize. Maintaining the high standards expected from our products, we're only using high strength stainless steel roll pins in our assembly for a stronger and longer lasting trigger.

Because the trigger is also on the ATF list of 922R list you can bet this counts as a USA made part to you overall number of compliance parts needed for the scorpion if you are going the SBR route. We even went a step farther and added a new roll pin in case the factory one is lost or damaged during the installation process.

While we suggest that the trigger be installed by a professional gunsmith, for most DIY and mechanically inclined people out there, installing your shooters element flat trigger may be well within your skill set.

What's in the package:

  • CZ Scorpion Flat trigger (black)
  • New Stainless Steel trigger roll pin 

Let Shooters Element do the dirty work of replacing your trigger for you, we will perform the work and throw in any additional parts you purchased or send int at the same time. We can even remove those pesky world compliant versions with the welded screw. Just add the installation service to your order when picking your trigger and we'll do the rest.

We strongly suggest purchasing one of our replacement trigger house retaining screws (Part number 48 in the user manual)

We know that the factory ones tend to strip out when removing them and nothing is worse than sitting there with a pile of parts you can't use because of one screw.